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Surveillance Techniques

Surveillance is “the close watch kept over someone or something (as by a detective)”, according to Merriam-Webster. In other words, it is the practice of watching and following a subject to discover what they do, who they contact, and where they go during the day. People will use surveillance techniques for home security, to discover if a spouse is cheating, identify the culprits of frequent theft, catch vandals, and a number of other reasons.

The most common form of surveillance is following a subject around as they go through their day, whether on foot or by car. Private investigators will often use this tactic to discover infidelity in spouses and employees. Stakeouts are also common tactics used, and can be much easier to accomplish than tailing. If the investigator knows the subject will be (or may possibly be,) in a certain area at a certain time, it may be more practical to use a stakeout.

Investigators use cameras or camcorders to record their photographic evidence for the client. Two-way radios (C.B. or VHF radios,) are usually necessary as well to communicate with other investigators on the case or the client themselves. More types of equipment are not usually needed.

The use of home surveillance techniques is usually not recommended for surveillance of a person. You may be breaking the law if you use a home surveillance system to do anything other than keep your home safe from intruders.

The best way to set up a surveillance system for any reason is to hire a private investigator. They are licensed and insured to provide surveillance services through audio and video. Investigators also have legal access to more sophisticated technologies for surveillance. Above all, evidence gathered by a professional private investigator often stands up stronger in court than evidence gathered by an average citizen. Tim Wilson Investigators are professional, licensed private investigators who have law enforcement and investigative experience.

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